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$RED THE MAL : Best friend of $MYRO 

“Crypto is better with friends.”

Who is $RED

We are Myros best friend. You can confirm that on the OFFICIAL MYRO IG page

We have some close ties with the Myro team and had some insane catalysts recently helping our cause and proving just how strong our friendship is.

We are more than just a coin, though we are also a movement. We have had a 24/7 Voice Chat open with some major players in the space hanging out and dropping knowledge and vibing. That is what crypto and defi has always been about, and we aim to bring it back with this token for all the normies coming into crypto for their first time. After all crypto is better with friends.

About $RED

RED THE MAL, the fearless and adventurous best friend of Myro, leaps into the crypto world with a spirit of exploration and excitement. Together, these two friends embark on thrilling adventures, symbolizing the dynamism and potential of the Solana ecosystem.

RED THE MAL isn’t just a character; it’s a community-driven cryptocurrency, reflecting the collective creativity and passion of its supporters. This project harnesses the power of collaboration to innovate within the blockchain space, making every member of our community a part of RED THE MAL’s exciting journey.

$RED Supporters



Beast Mode


Myro Admins

450 Million mcap

Pepe 2.0 Coin

100 Million mcap

Hemule dev

70 Million mcap

Peepo token

30 Million mcap




Burned Forever

Token Supply

Token Supply

100 Million




$RED Community


R – Resilient in our delivery

E – Energized Community

D – Dedicated to our Friendship

Gertrudes 6 Universal Truths (read these every day)

  1. Energy attracts Energy
  2. Universal Oneness
  3. Treat everyone you meet as your own family
  4. Vibrations
  5. Drink water and take 5 mile walks
  6. Believe to achieve

it’s a movement it’s an opportunity to invite somebody into the space and have them meet good people. There’s way too many people waiting to prey on them. I’d like to think we can be a space somebody can get their start and be successful in.


How to buy $RED

To buy $RED, download phantom wallet, purchase $SOL from an exchange or bridge $SOL and send it to your Phantom wallet then buy $RED on Jupiter or Raydium. You can also buy $RED on a wide variety of Solana bots including Unibot, Bonkbot.


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How do I Buy and Sell $RED?
For now you can trade $RED on any of Solana bot like unibot or bonkbot, or on Decentralised Exchanges like Raydium and Jupiter.
Will $RED list on more CEX's?

After building a community we will focus on listing on exchanges.

Is there a $RED whitepaper / roadmap?

$RED is a community driven token, Roadmap/whitepaper will be published once we build a strong community.

Who is Caesar?

Caesar is a vocal advocate for fairness and transparency in the crypto space. From his modest beginnings in 2021, today he stands tall as an OG crypto whale, tirelessly safeguarding and guiding those around him, driven by a genuine desire to contribute meaningfully to the crypto landscape and help the little man flourish.  Despite his achievements, he remains grounded and supportive. To many, he’s a mentor; a life-changer, who has a knack for turning the ordinary into extraordinary. His honesty shines forth in a realm which is often clouded by ambiguity. Come join the $Red Telegram and join him on the group’s voice chat where he often hangs out with the community leading us through the $Red Revolution. ❤️

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