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The Community

At RED, we value our community above all else. We believe in recognizing active, dedicated members who act in the best interest of RED for their efforts, skills, contributions, and loyalty.

These unique members, highlighted below, have been awarded a one-of-a-kind exclusive personalized NFP (Non-Fungible Picture) to use as their profile image on social media. This provides them with the recognition and respect they deserve, as well as a platform to showcase their skills.

In rare times, we might also award these NFPs as part of specific community tasks.

As an extra gesture of appreciation, NFP holders also receive entry into one of CaesarCalls’ private groups, among other perks.

For our entire community, we have created a set of 50 PFPs to choose from, which they can freely use to showcase their pride in being part of the community and their loyalty.

Exclusive NFPs


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NFP # 006

Darth The Mal


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⭐️ Who is Caesar? ⭐️

Caesar is a vocal advocate for fairness and transparency in the crypto space. From his modest beginnings in 2021, today he stands tall as an OG crypto whale, tirelessly safeguarding those around him, driven by a genuine desire to clean up the space and help the little man. Yet despite his achievements, he remains very grounded.

To many, he’s a mentor; a life-changer, who has a knack for turning the ordinary into extraordinary.

Caesar was the first investor in RED’s CTO with others to follow his steps. He has since supported RED in more than one way, and has been RED’s most vocal advocate, spreading awareness whenever and wherever possible. The community will forever be grateful for his support, direction and love!

⭐️ Who is Jon? ⭐️

As an avid community builder IRL, finding my way into memecoins and Red is a perfect opportunity to foster inclusion and create uplifting, positive community culture.

What started as a simple trade became a family and a place to practice my skills. I am a community lead: here for all the tasks that are required when you have thousands of members with questions and curiosities, and the emotions of crypto.

Most recently, I have become moderator lead as well to spot those that also want to contribute more, help out our mission, and become leaders themselves, showing the whole community how it is done at Red the Mal

⭐️ Who is Bunny? ⭐️

With several years of experience as a web developer, I am currently a proud member of the RED team. I joined RED following Caesar, and it has proven to be an invaluable platform for both personal and professional growth.

At RED, I leverage my technical expertise to enhance our digital presence, including the redesign and development of the RED website. This project not only showcases my skills in creating user-friendly and visually appealing online environments but also underscores my commitment to facilitating a supportive and engaging community.

I thrive on collaboration and am passionate about using technology to solve problems and connect people. My journey at RED continues to be a fulfilling chapter in my career, offering endless opportunities to learn, innovate, and interact with amazing individuals across the crypto space.

⭐️ Who is Darth? ⭐️

I’m Michael people know me as Darth, started my crypto journey in 2021, and I met Caesar in my early days, started modding for him and with time the friendship grew. When I saw Caesar talking about Red, I knew this was the one, as he never does shilling for something he doesn’t truly believe in. Joining the voice chat with him reminded me of the early days when we used to voice chat and have a good time.

After that, I joined the community and started as a mod.
With my technical expertise, I’m sharing my time and programming knowledge to help build the website.
I also help the media team with images and the social media team with managing the socials.

⭐️ Who is Arie? ⭐️

My crypto journey commenced in 2019, yet it wasn’t until 2021 that I found myself moderating and contributing to the growth of a crypto community that flourished to over 300,000 members. Leveraging my professional background in UK Banking and the Medical Industry, I helped foster a culture focused on top-tier customer service, respect and timeless human values. Our collective efforts helped propel the project to an astounding $4 billion market cap and earned us an award for The Best Community of The Year.

Fascinated by Caesar, I discovered $RED, and met the enthusiastic Gertrude, who inspired me to step up and support the community takeover. Drawing from my prior experience, I crafted a sleek new Telegram group for $RED, bearing Caesar’s name, and ensured a seamless transition for the $RED community members. Additionally, I introduced new community guidelines designed to promote respect and promote inclusivity, alongside a comprehensive Moderation Guideline to uphold fair and transparent governance within the $RED community.

In my time at $RED, I’ve crossed paths with many remarkable individuals and made friendships that will stand the test of time.

⭐️ Who is MSHORT? ⭐️

My crypto journey started back when I was in High school. We were like 7 friends all investing into a coin together. Well, yeah, it was a scam. After that, we just full sent it into a random coin. That coin did pretty well.

To be honest, my goal with crypto, is to provide my loved ones and make their life easier, take them on vacations and buy them whatever they’ve always wanted. I don’t really care about buying things for myself, I just want to see the people around me happy, because that’s what makes me happy the most.

I first saw RED through one of Caesar’s groups. I liked the narrative a lot. Furthermore, the team behind the project and the community are so amazing, and I love the project. I try my hardest to get people onboard, I told most of my friends about it, I raid and shill as much as I can. Also, since I live pretty close to the Formula 1 circuit in Austria, I plan on going there to represent $RED. :)